Sample Of Covering Letter For Visitor Visa

BRITISH EMBASSY 01st September, 09


Subject: Application for Visitor Visa of my Parents and Sister

Dear Sir;

(your name) am working as Software Engineer on a permanent position in eTec Softwares Ltd. London UK since August 2007. My current annual salary is GBP ……… (in words) and annual bonus is approx. GBP 5,000 (Five Thousand British Pounds).

My current visa status in UK is as Tier 1 General skilled worker (initially was on HSMP) and my Leave to Remain in UK will end in July 2012. I am currently living at address [HOME ADDRESS].

I am willing to sponsor my Parents and my sister of the following details to visit me in UK for a limited period of time less than 6 months.

Sr.# Relationship Name Passport Number Last Visit in UK
1. Father Siddique Ahmed AB5340112 June 08 – Sep 08
2. Mother Raahat Siddique AA5774672 June 08 – Sep 08
3. Sister Amna Siddique BE5467091 June 08 – Sep 08

I declare that I take the complete responsibility to support my parents and sister during their travel and stay in United Kingdom. I also take the responsibility to provide them accommodation in my house and fulfill all of their expenses which includes travel, Subsistence, Leisure and any other circumstantial needs.

I assure you that I have enough space available in my house of 4 double bed rooms and have enough funds available in my bank account to support them during their stay in UK.

A complete list of attached documents is on the next page of application.

Your assistance in processing a visa for my parents and sister will be greatly appreciated and if you need any further clarifications please contact me at the information given below.

I hope you will look favorably on this application. Thanking you for your cooperation and assistance

Kindest Regards,

your address with contact details